Campus in need of repairs

Many urinals remain unusable because of leaky water pipes which results in water over ow- ing. Students have to search for working toilets to relieve themselves.

Marcelo Cruz, Co-Photo Editor

Some Akins students who want to do basic things like wash their hands after going to the restrooms are having a hard time these days.

Several of the bathrooms have broken soap dispensers, broken toilets or broken stall doors. Some toilets are bagged off or are missing toilet seats, making them unusable and making bathroom lines longer during our short passing periods.

Akins High School was originally opened in 2000 and grown to a population of more than 2,8000 students. The school district had not been able to keep up with maintenance over the years, leading to the current condition of the campus.

It’s not the custodian’s fault. They can’t x things if there is no money to do the repairs.

The school district is asking voters to approve a $1.05 billion bond issue on Nov. 7 to make repairs and renovations to all of the district’s campuses. If the voters approve the bond, the district will have the funds to make the needed repairs.

Besides the repairs, the campus is also over ca- pacity in terms of student population. There are 20 portable buildings used for classrooms on campus that were supposed to be temporary. Akins is overpopulated, Principal Brandi Hosack said.

“Our building is only supposed to hold about 2,300 students and we’re at 2,800,” Hosack said. “So another building is our big ticket item right now.”