Top 5 summer spots to visit in texas


The weather is heating up and many people are anxious to get out of school and get a vacation. Many people are getting their plans ready for the summer and are ready to travel whether it’s inside the city, state, country, or maybe out of the country. Well, wherever it is that you plan on going if you plan on spending the summer here in texas here are some recommendations to have a great time.

Corpus Christi Beach and Attractions

Corpus Christi is undoubtedly one of the most known cities in texas, This is because it has many activities to do. These activities include spending time at its beach, visiting its aviation museum inside the WW2 aircraft carrier ”USS Lexington”, or maybe you would want to visit its harborfront Texas State Aquarium to get a look at some sea life. In conclusion, Corpus Christi is a highly recommended spot to visit this upcoming summer.

South Padre Island

This beachfront town at the very bottom of texas is a highly visited tourist attraction. This is because there are so many things to do like Parasailing on the beach, Visiting waterparks. They also have nature centers in the town that include many animals. This famous town makes a great place to pass the time this summer, and don’t forget to take a picture at the South Padre Island Sign.

Dallas Attractions

This major city near the center of Texas has a bit more natural than the places listed above. This city is frequently visited by many people, But they might not have heard of its zoo or aquarium. Dallas also has a beautiful botanical garden which also hosts events once in a while. Near the center of the city is a tall tower called the Reunion Tower, This building is open to the public and provides a really good view of the city.

Galveston Attractions

Galveston is really a water-themed spot, Apart from its beaches. In Galveston, you can visit their moody gardens which are inside a pyramid and contain fish, and nearby you could also go have fun at their Schlitterbahn water park which is highly visited. They also have a well-known pier on the beach that has restaurants and some small rides.

San Antonio

San Antonio is known all over texas for its famous river walk that contains many restaurants in case you get hungry. But it also has other attraction that may not be as famous as the river walk but is just as entertaining as the alamo which is a museum and an iconic texas monument. You could also go to SeaWorld and take a look at a large range of aquatic animals and some water rides.