Tax free Back to School sales start this weekend


Eagle Eye Staff

Sarah Luna, Student Life Editor

Like the winter holidays, Back-To-School season is a time of the year when shoppers crowd the stores spending an inordinate amount of money.

Starting August 8, and continuing on until August 10, Texans can buy items such as clothing, shoes, and school supplies that are under $100 without having to worry about the extra 8 cents that is usually added to every dollar’s worth of sales.

Stores display trendy clothes to attract young adults and children with “Back to School” sales. To top it off, Texas celebrates its annual sales tax holiday also known as “Tax Free Weekend.”

“I’m really looking forward to the tax free weekend because it really helps out people who are trying to save money,” senior Mikayla Ray said. “I’m just not really looking forward to how crowded the stores and the mall will be.”

Some shoppers put items on lay-away during the tax free holiday so they can take advantage of the sales.

“I love tax free weekend because I’m able to get clothes for school,” junior Taylor Arriaga said. “My parents are always on a budget so it’s harder to buy things for school so tax free weekend helps out a bunch.”

Although tax free weekend sounds like a dream come true, it may come with cons. Sales can cause items to swoop off the shelves or racks in a quick manner which may leave some shoppers unsatisfied and still looking for the perfect top or the specific yellow folder with brads.

“It gets pretty busy around this time of year,” J.C. Penney store manager Johnny Molina said. “There’s people going up and down the store trying to hurry before we sell out.”

Department stores such as JC Penney are having  a three-day sale starting on Friday that allows customers to save up to 25 percent off merchandise for back to school.

Trendy clothing stores such as Urban Outfitters are having a 50 percent off all shoes sale starting on Thursday as well as sales on summer dresses for $49 as they make room to stock up on autumn clothes.

Go to the Texas Comptroller’s Tax Free Weekend Web site for a list of items that will be tax free.