Opportunities for Seniors during PSAT testing

Sarah Luna, Student Life Editor

This year, seniors have plenty of choices on what to do while lower grade levels are taking the PSAT on October 15.

Seniors have the following 5 options on PSAT day, according to Christine Kesling, New Tech Academy Counselor.

1.) Take the Fitness Gram. Every senior needs to take this fitness benchmark this year. Students choosing this option will report to the gym. They should remember to sign in as attendance will be taken that day. After they eat lunch (same time as freshmen) they should report back to the gym.

2.) Go on a college visit. Students wishing to choose this option should call (or sign up online when possible) the college they wish to visit so the college knows to expect them. Some colleges will only meet with students, or give tours, on certain days or at certain times. Students need to bring the verification form that is on the back of the information sheet you gave them, and MUST have the contact information for the college representative they meet AND the official stamp/seal. The students must bring this completed form to the attendance clerk within 3 days in order to excuse their absence.

3.) Work on college applications. Students who wish to choose this option should report to the College and Career Center. They should sign in there, as attendance will be taken. Students will eat lunch at the same time as the freshmen, and should report back to the CCC after lunch.

4.) Meet with a military recruiter/take the ASVAB. Colonel Oliverio has sent you information on this option, and has had none to little response. There is a lot that goes into scheduling this option, so please make sure you are discussing this with the seniors and making sure they have the forms they need. Students should sign in with the Colonel, and should eat lunch with the freshmen, unless it interrupts their ASVAB testing.

5.) Work in Delta/Odyssey. If a senior is behind in credits and has Delta/Odyssey on their schedule, they should speak to their Delta/Odyssey teacher. Many of these students are being assigned to Delta/Odyssey on PSAT day, and will be marked absent for that day EVEN IF THEY SIGN IN SOMEWHERE ELSE. Seniors should make sure they sign in, eat with the freshmen, and return to Delta/Odyssey after lunch.

Be sure to put this day to good use!