Yearbook reschedules Senior Accolades voting


Sarah Luna and Christopher Remington

Yearbook editor Alek Peschansky said the voting had to be rescheduled to allow for some minor changes in the voting process.

Voting for senior class favorites will be rescheduled to a later date after the Thanksgiving break. The voting will allow seniors to vote for their class favorites, which will be featured in the 2015 yearbook

The categories include the following:

  • Most likely to appear on a reality TV show:
  •  Most likely to write a book:
  •  Most likely to make a movie:
  •  Most likely to move out of the country/travel:
  •  Most likely to cry during a Disney movie:
  •  Most likely to forget someone’s birthday:
  • Most likely to survive the apocalypse:
  •  Most likely to sleep during an earthquake:
  •  Most likely to sing in the shower:
  •  Most likely to be fashionably late:
  •  Most likely to win the lottery, but lose the ticket:
  •  Most likely to yell at a lamp:
  •  Most likely to give the worst Christmas present:
  •  Most likely to solve a Rubix-Cube:
  •  Hottest ride/whip:
  •  Most spirit:
  •  Best facial hair:
  •  Best friends/squad (Maximum – 10 people):
  •  Most changed: