Top 5 Horror Movies to watch during the Halloween Season


Anneliese Olivo

This collage of photos represents each horror movie talked about on this list. These movies are all perfect to watch during the Halloween season to get you into the holiday spirit.

The month of October and Halloween is just around the corner which means people will be looking for scary movies to watch. Some enjoy less scary movies and others enjoy the most horror-filled movies they can find. This list is for those people who love gore, horror, and graphic movies. So take out your phone and make a list of movies that will get you in the mood for the spooky season.

1. Sinister 1 and 2

Sinister 1 and 2 revolve around a version of the boogeyman. This boogeyman tends to target children who are outcasts in their family. This leads to these kids being persuaded to do horrific things to their families. These movies are full of jump scares and gory scenes. So only watch it if you can handle extreme horror and gore. Both movies are very entertaining and have amazing storylines. These are perfect for watching during the spooky season.

2. Oculus

Oculus is about a family who moved into a new home furnished with a haunted mirror they bought. As the family stays longer in the house, the more the mirror shows its paranormal side and the spirits that are trapped within the mirror. The movie switches back and forth from showing flashbacks of the family’s experiences with the mirror. And the present where the two kids from the family go back to the house as adults and try to document an experiment they plan to do with the mirror. This movie has very dark and disturbing scenes that include jump scares and forms of illusions.

3. The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring two is about a family who lives in London that has something very evil in their home. So paranormal investigators come and realize that the youngest daughter of the family is slowly being possessed by evil. And as the movie goes on the more the evil spirit starts to go after the paranormal investigators, as well. This movie is scarier than the first Conjuring movie. It contains multiple evil spirits and has many plot twists that will be sure to keep you more into the movie.

4. The Visit

This movie is about two kids who go to spend some time with their grandparents. But it turns out that their grandparents aren’t really who they say they are. The movie is filled with the grandparents doing strange things, especially at night. The kids seem to have a decent time with their grandparents until they find out a secret about them which causes a turn of events. All while the kids are trying to escape and seek safety. This movie is a plot twister as well and will make you confused but somehow entertained at the same time. The movie isn’t very scary but it’s disturbing.

5. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

This movie is about two men, a father and his son, who receive a body of an unidentified woman to investigate. But the more they uncover about the body of this young woman the more paranormal things get. Which results in them trying to escape the place they are in. This movie is filled with things that seem to involve witches and rituals because of what the two find when they look inside her body. This movie is somewhat scary but is an interesting movie to watch and entertaining in its own way.