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Anneliese Olivo
Name: Anneliese Olivo (Anna)

Grade: 12th

Academy: New Tech

Year on Staff: 3rd year

Title: Entertainment Editor

Why are you on staff?: I had been put in this class as a staff writer during my first year. But became very passionate about being in the Newspaper as the year went by so I interviewed to become an editor and here I am.

What do you do for fun? I work on different types of art for my art account on Instagram and I watch a lot of YouTube and Netflix.

What movie do you recommend that everyone watch? Sinister 2

Plans for after high school? I plan on attending college here in Texas for Journalism.

Twitter handle (optional): @AnnelieseOlivo

Anneliese Olivo, Entertainment Editor

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Anneliese Olivo